Social banking at your fingertips

Money conversations are already happening on various social media channels. mTransfers leverages your smart phone keyboard, putting financial services right in the middle of these conversations.

Social Banking

Financial services are now closer to users more than ever. Be it on twitter, whatsapp, facebook or any social app, customers can access their bank with ease.

Innovation Anchor

The banks of tomorrow will be digital, social, contextual, intuitive and constantly innovative. Banking on mTransfers is a step in the right direction.

Secure Systems

All transactions are handled by the bank using the same security standards as their core systems. mTransfers sits on the core infrastructures of its partner banks.

Conversational Transactions

Perform financial transactions right from your keyboard without switching between apps or suspending your conversation.

Accessible Banking

Your bank is now on your fingertips and is accessible from any app. Anywhere your keyboard pops up, your bank is there.

Defining fast

You can perform a transaction in as few a 3 key strokes - possibly one of the fastest ways to propagate financial services.

Security is a priority

Financial services/transactions are provided and handled by the bank using the same security standards in their core infrastructure.

Grow your revenue

Increase your revenue by allowing customers bank where they already spend most of their time

Acquire new customers

There are more social media accounts than bank accounts. - Convert these

Increase Brand Awareness

The keyboard is the most integral part of the customer’s phone. - Have your brand visible there

Convert Customers to fans

Millenials tilt towards brands that they engage regularly with and makes them look cool

Default Customers Choice

Tap into customer's existing habits and meet them where they spend the most time

Bank of the future

Banks of tomorrow will be digital, social, contextual and constantly innovative. - Start now

Proud Partners

An average young bank customers naturally have money conversations on social media platforms like Whatsapp, facebook etc. These companies and fintech startups have begun experimenting on various ways to convert these conversations into valid transactions. It is most natural for banks to meet customers where they spend the most time and provide them with a solution in line with their habits. This is where mTransfers comes in.

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